About Heather Jean
As a child I could feel, sense and see spirit and often my mum would find me outside at night talking to the moon and stars in the night sky. I would share my visions, dreams, and conversations with spirit with my parents, they always listened and sometimes I would point to where spirit was in the room and soon realised they couldn’t see what I was seeing.

My mum would tell myself and my sister’s stories of the Faeries and angels which kept their spirit alive within me.

Gradually through my life’s experiences I stopped expressing the truth of what I knew and saw and that part of me to the outside world didn’t exist fully again until 1996.

In 1996 I bought and managed a successful Holistic health and beauty salon with gift shop called “Isis Says” I Studied massage, reflexology, Rieki and advanced levels of Pranic healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Arhatic Yoga and Crystal Healing and Pandora’s Box was opened.

I started receiving very clear messages from spirit for people and felt the power of the Godhead in my healing sessions and from that time I knew I could seek council directly for any wisdom and healing I was seeking. The Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and other beautiful beings from the stars started to channel through me and I got to know each ones vibration through feeling their essence and mannerisms (some of them have quite a sense of humour) and began building my relationship with them. They became my spiritual teachers. This was when my natural gifting in connection to the whole (all that is) began, and I started to sing, literally.

Music, singing and dancing has always been a part of my life and I receive a lot of messages in the form of songs. Quan Yin (the divine mother goddess of love and compassion) would sing through me, the language of light is so pure and powerful it has the ability to unlock, move and awaken energy and wisdom from within you and the earth.

I receive so much joy sharing this powerfully loving energy and guidance with humanity and the earth and love guiding people to access this within them so they too can start to build a relationship with them and seek council.

I became so busy with readings and healings I sold my business to focus on it full time and start teaching.

I headed up north for a rest and to discover the Kimberley ’s and reconnect with the land. It was here that I connected with aboriginal spirit and my natural shamanic healing came through to be shared. I just love working with the true spirit of the aboriginal people.

It has always been through my connection to the land that inspiration, balance and wisdom has been received.

Upon returning home to Fremantle I also became qualified in:

  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Results Coach
  • Master Hypnosis
  • Performance Consultant
  • Advanced Neurological Repatterning

I started teaching physic development, energy awareness and workshops for women on connecting to the sacred feminine assisting others with the awakening of the Magic within themselves, and the art of manifesting dreams and soon to follow, with my passion for working with children and having a background in childcare, I became an author of spiritual books, meditation and music Cd’s for children and created a program to assist children and parents with staying connected and balancing their mind, body, emotions and spiritual selves in this fast paced world.

Invitations to visit and share my work in cities and towns around Australia began and soon after I started travelling overseas to the Middle East , Greece and recently Hawaii to share my wisdom and light and discover more of the true alchemy of who I am in relation to the whole. This journey continues to unfold and will be shared in my new book, to be released early next year.

It is in connection with Mother Earth and all that is that my heart speaks.

My Heart Speaks

My journey so far connecting back to more of who I am has been a profound awakening of the spirit living through me.

Through allowing my heart to speak doorways have been opened to parts of me I didn’t know existed. It is deep within the recess of my heart that I gain more of an understanding of who I am. This understanding is expanding daily the more I surrender to the greater parts of the divine within me. I continue to connect to the great mother our earth and our divine father and the more I am getting to know and understand the expansiveness of who I am.

Breaking down my ego on a daily basis and coming back to the concept of being no- thing I expand into the great unconditional love of all existence. The true essence of who I am and therefore who you are. I am reminded of being the microcosm in the macrocosm.

Making choices in my life based on this principle I am reminded that all my thoughts and deeds affect the whole. I am a reflection of every living thing on the planet including the beautiful earth herself therefore as my consciousness expands so to does yours.

When I shed my pain so do you
As my tears of sorrow and joy fall so to do yours
As my heart loves more deeply so does yours
As my light shines more brightly so to does yours
Together we are one.

In light, love and freedom,

I am Heather Jean