Personal Private Sessions with Heather
Working with Heather is an empowering experience as she shares her gifts and services in a way that is designed to create and embrace a stronger connection and awareness of yourself and therefore greater understanding and compassion with your connection to all that exists.

Confronting issues in your life is not easy and often very painful. Heather brings love, compassion and truth to all her interactions and creates a safe space for you to explore hidden aspects of yourself, both shadow and light. As judgements and fears are bought to light and we are able to reflect on our projections of ourselves, we create an empowering place within to rise out of our pain and fear and back to truth and freedom.

Energy blockages are cleared and peace and clarity returns to its natural flow.

Channelled Readings:

Phone, Skype or Face to Face Readings.

Heather together with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Arch Angels and other divine beings of light working with Heather deliver messages and healing to assist you on your journey. Heather Trans channels these beings of divine love and light for you to experience their beautiful healing energy.

Any issues that are blocking you from moving forward in love and peace are addressed and the way forward through connection with your hearts truth are unlocked for you to know the experience of the truth in you. All readings empower you in you own council as your truth is confirmed. Any questions you may have can be addressed leaving you with a clear way forward to greater love, peace and harmony in your life.


Energy Balancing Transformation Series

In these sessions I use a number of different processes, tools and techniques acquired from my extensive training and also my natural gifting in my connection with the divine creator of all things.

Would you like less stress and worry?
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As you become aware and unlock parts of you that have been holding you back from living a life in greater love, peace and freedom. Your stress and worry just seems to melt away. The things you were normally worried about just aren’t there anymore.

As a result you start getting a better night sleep, you have way more energy and time, and any physical ailments start to heal. Your confidence improves as you feel more empowered to make decisions based on your hearts truth rather that the things you feel you obligated to do. You become free to be yourself and have more fun. You find your flow.

Transformation Sessions:

Realigned, centered, empowered and at peace.

What to expect from a breakthrough session: In these appointments we ascertain what is at the root of your issue causing you suffering. Whether your issue is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Once you are aware of the root cause we can clear the issue using several different techniques whether that be NLP, energy balancing and aligning or hypnosis. I will apply whichever technique I feel will be the most powerful for you to shift and clear the issue and come back to your center.

These sessions are extremely powerful as I work with the unconscious mind which is what is being reflected in your life right now. You can make decisions to change things or aspects of yourself in life however if you have not cleared the unconscious thought that is creating the pattern or issue in your life you will keep on repeating the same pattern, therefore receiving the same results.

“Life is an external reflection of your unconscious mind “

Ask me about SPECIAL RATES for multiple and ongoing sessions and treatment plans. All sessions available by phone or in person.


Private Sessions for Children & Families

Private Sessions for children and family sessions help children, parents and siblings to be able to clearly express emotions and what’s on their mind in a safe environment and be heard. Understanding is gained and tools given to assist with mental, emotional and behavioural issues bringing a feeling of empowerment, strength and courage to deal with any of life’s issues that arise.

The Magic of You® is a true gift of love and spirit to families and children everywhere.


Energy Balancing for Kids

These sessions are designed to help your child re-balance their mind, body and emotions using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Pranic Healing and Intuitive counselling. Children will leave feeling more content and peaceful inside, knowing that who they are is truly special.



What Clients have said:

"In the past 12 months Heather has blessed me with her ability to both heal and guide. She was recommended to me by my dad and stepmum who had both received valuable advice and healing from her...both leading up to and following my dad's heart surgery.

Sitting with Heather is like sitting with your best friend who you haven't seen in a year...or you saw just yesterday. During my readings Heather was able to guide me in areas of my life that were causing me trouble and distress. Whether she read my cards or based the reading on what she got from me at the time, she accurately sensed where I was at that point in my life and offered sometimes what was the most simplest and obvious guidance. I am forever hearing her voice in the back of my head when faced with certain aspects of my life and feel I am able to make more informed decisions because of her.

Heather brings love and raw emotion into her readings, she feels what you feel. After both her readings and healing sessions I have felt so much positivity and the path of life seems a lot clearer and calmer. I will be forever grateful for the skills Heather has passed on to me and will continue seeking her guidance in the future."

Emma Perth WA


"Knowing heather has changed my life forever, a true gift from god, walking and guiding me through confusion, giving me life tools to make change, being there every step of the way, my real guiding light. I received life changing experiences. I have never known another like her a truly inspirational woman. I will be forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Nicole Verdon


"Once in a while we come across a kindred spirit. I thank you for coming into my path angel. You have not only inspired touched and moved my precious angels into being a little more of whom they truly are but you have also motivated me."

Carmel Rossi
Parent of 3 Angels.

"I have known Heather jean for the past 5 years and in that time I can truly say she has helped my family beyond words. Trust me there were a few mountains to climb and many changes made for the better. A healing from Heather Jean is an amazing experience that I am truly grateful for. Thank you Feather x"

Andrea Anthony, Broome WA (family sessions)