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Reach for the Stars CD

Reach for the Stars CD is a compilation of songs to children's storybooks from "The Tim and Alice Collection". These magical adventures take children on a journey to expand their knowing of who they truly are. A compilation of eight songs.

  • The Magic of You ®
  • Feet on the Ground
  • The Ocean is Calling
  • The Rainbow Angels
  • We are the Fairies
  • Crystals in My Hand
  • The Healer (instrumental)
  • By the Light of the Moon (bedtime story)

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"The Magic of You Theme Song"

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Dear Heather,

My friend recommended the cds to me and had actually loaned me hers to try. I have 3 kids (aged 4, 5 and 6) and the 6yo in particular was having some problems with anger and frustration. The first night I tried the cds with him was a disaster. He couldn't lie still and was getting angry. The second night was slightly better. By the third night he was hooked and now asks to go to bed early so I can put his "fairy garden" on for him! Thank you for making our lives easier, and for restoring calm into my babies' lives. My little man now truly believes his Archangel Michael is with him always! Thank you once again,

Benita QLD


The Magic of You ® CD1

This CD is a wonderful way to relax at any time of the day and is especially useful to listen to when helping send your child into a blissful, peaceful sleep at bedtime.

  • Relax you Body - This track helps relax your mind and body through bringing awareness to your breathing.
  • The Magical Me - Feel and Sense your Magical Energies in and around you.
  • Creating Coloured Energy Balls - Choose a colour your body needs and create a coloured healing energy ball just for you or you may like to send it to someone else!
  • The Magical Rainbow - walk into the magical rainbow and recieve special gifts from the coloured rainbow rays


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"My 6 yr old daughter Taye listens to 'The Magic of You' CD 2. I actually started her listening to visulisation CD's about 4 months ago. She was always hard to get her to stop thinking and talking and go to sleep. Meditation just calms her mind and she goes to sleep straight away (I actually miss her bedtime conversations big sigh). Anyway 'The Magic of You' CD 2 is spine shivering amazing. Talk about a deep soul and angelic connection. I actually breastfeed my baby and put him to sleep listening to the first track - fairy rainbow garden. Kadyn (my 9mth old baby) settles beautifully and is so much calmer since listening to this CD. The Fairy heart healing song is so so deeply powerful (even my hubby gravitates to Tayes room when this track is playing). Taye also loves the Archangel Michael track on this CD she has drawn a beautiful picture of him which is proudly on my fridge. I just leave this Cd on a loop whilst she is sleeping and turn it off later in the night.

My 4 yr old Rylan (who has a lot of visitors at night - he calls them shadows) listens to 'The Magic of You' CD 1. I actually haven't heard this one yet - it is on my 'to do' list. Since he started listening to this CD he has told me 'the Shadows don't bother him as much anymore' which is so very amazing because they have been getting much more persistent and bothering him to much. Even my bouncy 3 yr old Arye settles a teeny tiny bit with this CD (he's a go go go boy). I absolutely love your picture book and the 'aura' illustrations. I look forward to you continuing the series. A simple effective way to teach kids to understand how to use and stay in balance with energy around them. Oh and yes your music Cd is beautifully done. I play it all the time as background noise whilst they are doing their normal day to day stuff. Wonderful affirmation music is a treasure to be able to use regularly."

Mother of 4 children WA

The Magic of You ® CD2

This CD is a wonderful way to relax at any time of the day and is especially useful to listen to when helping send your child into a blissful, peaceful sleep at bedtime.

  • Riding the Rainbow to the Magical Fairy Garden - ride the magical rainbow to the fairy garden and recieve a fairy song for your heart. A great meditation to fill your heart with love and healing.
  • You Are a Shining Star - clean and balance your chakras and become a shining star. This is a beautiful meditation to help with confidence and self esteem.
  • The Crystal Healing Cave with Archangel Michael - meet Archangel Michael in the Crystal Healing Cave and recieve your sword of truth


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Tim and Alice "Play with Energy"

Tim and Alice connect to nature and learn how it makes them feel. In this unique adventure story, Tim and Alice head to the park to play after school thinking it would be just like every other day. What they discover is that the trees, the breeze, the sun and earth mother give and recieve energy just like we do. As you read along or listen to the story on the accompaning CD, imagine you are right in the park with Tim and Alice. If you listen really carefully, you can hear nature speak to you too!

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