The Magic of You Retreats
Awakening your Inner Goddess, 1 Day Retreat

This is a one day retreat designed for you to fall into the LOVE, BEAUTY, SOFTNESS, JOY and MAGNIFICENCE of your divine sacred feminine.

Uncover parts of you that are waiting to be released and free yourself of anything holding you back from expressing that wild, sensual, beautiful woman you are. In this busy fast paced world it is difficult to find real time for the self.
This is your time to stop and ask yourself, “Hey, how are you doing, is there anything I can do for you to lighten your load?” A day to relax and be nutured.
It is time to reclaim the beauty and power of your sacred self In this workshop you will learn and experience

  • What is your sacred inner goddess?
  • What prevents you from being in your truth, owning your power and putting yourself first?
  • Clear what is holding you back from being fully in your truth in all areas of your life?
  • About your sacred sexuality
  • How to integrate your true authentic self back into your life.
  • And much much more.

This is your journey of self discovery back to your empowered divine self
It is a day all about you. This day is fully catered for and includes other surprises for you to take home and remember the day you reawakened the Goddess in you.


Bringing in the New Consciousness, Weekend Retreat

The new consciousness has arrived.

The world is now moving at lightening speed and with that brings about change at a quickening pace. Like no other time on the planet have we experienced such rapid changes

The way mother earth is expressing her self with earth quakes tusamis floods and fire etc is an example of the cleansing happening for us all at this time, and mother earth clearing herself of denser vibrations that can no longer exsist anymore with the increased light on the planet.

The unrest and fear of the unknown we are seeing at the moment is part of the process of awakening to greater light and fortunate lives lived with a higher consciousness. The old can no longer live in this new frequency and must be cleared.

I have created a weekend intensive to assist you all with your changes into the new consciousness. Understanding more of whom you are, shifting your awareness to being part of the whole and peeling back the layers to playing out greater truth and wisdom in your lives. The future is today and accention is in motion.these are great times where we can manifest magical lives full of love, light and joy and abundant living in freedom.

It is just understanding the new law, higher frequencies and how to bring into form your new changes. The new consciousness can now be lived in your body.

In order to make your dreams come true there needs to be understanding higher law and how to unlock the hidden secrets and truths about all of who you are and the power you hold to create magnificent lives. The lives you are creating from higher knowing needs to be created from a desire to live heart based truth.

In this 2 Day Weekend Workshop you will learn:

  • How to uncover and peel back the layers of higher truth within you.
  • Understand the higher law/the new law
  • Learn about universal creation of life it self and where you fit in all of that.
  • Learn about projections and what they are showing your self
  • Learn where you are giving your power away and how to reclaim it for true embodiment of empowerment.
  • Connect to and become aware of how to connect to your own frequency of light and colour and how to use this knowledge for self healing and alignment.
  • You will receive attunements to higher frequencies and they will be ancoured into the body and the earth for quickened manifestation of your desires.
  • Understanding and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within returning to wholeness

This workshop will be facilitatored by Heather Jean, the assended masters and beings assisting her to greater truth, wisdom and freedom to be shared amongst humanity. I look forward to you joining me on this enlightening weekend. This is a workshop not to be missed. You will be assisted on your journeys back to wholeness. In love light and freedom. So be it.


"Heather is beautiful, playful, humorous and healing angel. A living prophet. Mere words do not express my love and gratitude for her work and retreat. We will all bring in the new sooner or later, sooner the better for me, mother earth and all that is."

Dave Chick – Margaret River WA


"The weekend of the 'Bringing in the New Consciousness' workshop is medicine for the mind, body and soul. Heather's energy and essence is love and truth. The safe, relaxed, nurturing environment allows one to leave the illusion of the 'real life' behind for a few days and re-member/ learn/absorb the teachings for the new energy coming through. The course is a must for those looking to get into the natural flow of life and looking for real happiness within!"

~ Diana Simich- Perth


"Heather's Retreats are honest, demanding, cathartic. You come away feeling as whole as I am that I am"

~ Katrina Cockman,
Margaret River, 2011





Ancient sound frequencies, chants and song assist you to move forward and heal at truly profound deep levels within the subconscious.

Bringing in frequencies from the point of light from where creation begins we can begin to unlock, clear and transform lower frequencies within the conscious and subconscious minds.

Blockages and congestion in your energy centres and the layers of your personal etheric body in relation to your connection to the Christ consciousness grid are cleared and you are assisted on a deep cellular level to activate and unlock ancient wisdom and memories from times past.

Once these memories are reawakened within you can re embody this knowledge into your everyday life to assist you and your loved ones in your journey?

Sound is the key to unlocking these doorways to greater consciousness no matter what level you are at these tones, chants and singing and sound will bring to your consciousness awareness your next step in the ascension process for you.

Gain more understanding of working with sound and how to open your own channel to bring in these frequencies.

Join Heather in this 6 week workshop of love and wisdom shared in sound opening yourself to greater love,wisdom and knowing within.